Technical Data and Specifications

Customized Version Of : AS T 070/N

Year Of Construction : 2013
Voltage / Phases / Frequency : 400V / 4Ph / 50Hz
Max. Absorption : 155,0 A
Installed Power : 87,50 Kw
Protection Rating : IP54

Refrigerant : R410A
Refrigerant Charge :
-- C1: 14,10 kg
-- C2:14,10 kg

Refrig. Max. Allow. Press:
-- LP Side: 29,0 bar
-- HP Side: 41,5 bar

Max. Working Pressure : 3,0 bar
Max. Temperature : 30,0 °C
Sound Pressure Level : 80,6 dB(A)
Ambient Temperature :
-- Min. : -10 °C
-- Max. : +45 °C

Weight: 1.932 kg
Short Circuit Current Rating : 10kA


The versatility and the reliability.

Aries Tech chillers and heat pumps represent the ideal example of design aimed at energy savings in all operating conditions. The technical solutions implemented on Aries all contribute to the reduction in overall system operating costs and the protection of the environment. Aries Tech features: 4 scroll compressors connected in parallel within two cooling circuits, offering the exact cooling output required by the system; exchanger on the utility side with dual cooling circuits and a single water circuit, allowing operation with higher evaporating temperatures; cooling circuits with separate aeraulic sections, permitting progressive shutdown of the fans according to the instantaneous thermal load; heat pumps with hot gas injection and MTA’s intelligent FDS (Frost Detecting System) defrosting logic, to optimise seasonal energy effi ciencies in winter conditions.

• Reduced noise levels, thanks also to the availability of three differing acoustic versions;
• High EER/COP levels, especially at partial loads;
• Optimisation of performance also in heat pump mode thanks to hot gas injection and the innovative EcoDefrost defrosting system (min. ambient temperature -10 °C in heat pump mode);
• Allows start-up and operation in even the most severe conditions thanks to the unloading function;
• Simplifi ed installation and easy access to all components;
• User friendly controller with multifunctional buttons and dynamic display icons. Main options
• Shell and tube evaporator (AST only);
• 1 or 2 high/low head pressure pumps and water pressure gauge;
• Storage tank;
• Electronic expansion valves (AST only);
• Compressor shut-off valves on suction and discharge lines;
• High effi ciency EC inverter fans that allows an high energy savings, special at partial load;
• Condenser coils designed for aggressive atmospheres;
• Antivibration dampers;
• Anti-freeze heaters on evaporator, pump and tank;
• Metal mesh fi lters for condenser coil protection;
• Electric power supplies differing from standard;
• Soft starter allows about a 20% reduction of the start-up current than direct start;
• Victaulic connections;
• Simple remote control;
• Replicated remote user terminal;
• Serial connection to supervisor systems;
• MTA xCONNECT supervision based on internal web pages;
• Modularity/web interconnection hub.

Standard features
• 4 scroll compressors in parallel within two independent circuits;
• Phase monitor against phase reversal;
• Compressor crankcase heater;
• Single brazed “dual-circuit” stainless steel plate evaporator;
• Heat pumps equipped with 2nd thermostatic valve for optimised performance in all operating conditions);
• Axial fans with progressive activation for optimised condensing pressure control, installed in two independent aeraulic sections;
• Factory tested and supplied with refrigerant charge and antifreeze oil;
• IP54 electric protection rating;
• Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A;
• xDRIVE is a microprocessor electronic controller with high computing capacity and user friendly graphic interface;
• RS485 ModBus interface for connection to supervisor systems;
• Ethernet connection featuring pre-programmed HTML supervision pages, allowing local or internet based visualization and modifi cation of the operating parameters.

• Cooling only (AST);
• Reversible heat pump (HAST);
• Low ambient air temperature version (down to -20 °C in cooling mode) (AST only);
• H version for high external air temperature / high effi ciency (only AST);
• Version with desuperheaters (AST and HAST);
• Confi guration with integrated Free-cooling, featuring unique aeraulic separation between chiller and Free-cooling sections;
• Acoustic confi gurations: - N (standard); - SN (low noise); - SSN (very low noise).

Chiller: data declared according to UNI EN 14511:2011. Evaporator water inlet-outlet 12-7 °C, external air temperature 35 °C;
Heat pump: data declared according to UNI EN 14511:2011. Condenser water inlet-outlet 40-45 °C, external air temperature 7 °C dry bulb, 6 °C wet bulb. Sound pressure level in hemispherical field at 10 m  from condenser side and 1.6 m from ground. Values with tollerance ± 2 dB. The sound  levels refer to operation of the unit under full load in nominal conditions and with circulation pump. The listed noise levels, weights and dimensions refer to base chillers with no options fitted.


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