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hbTECH Maschinen is active in buying and selling of new and used machines. It supports our customers with technical services and guarantees 100% satisfaction. Our aim is customer satisfaction and high quality of the products.

Customer-oriented services and expert advise are part of our offer. Our service includes overhauling and building the machines, if you wish. We will help to find the perfect machinery for your production and provide you with installation and testing, technical training and optimum production methods.

We buy and sell all kind of beverage machinery mainly from pure water, juices, soft drinks, olive oil up to vinegar.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. We are happy to answer all your questions!


Our view of used machines


Used machines are an excellent alternative to new machines of the same brands and functions. These machines are still in good condition, providing you the advantage of observing them during production. Another positive thing is that they have a very serious price advantage compared to new machines. For these reasons many large companies prefer to invest in used high-quality beverage machines.

Some companies prefer to invest in new machines of lower quality due to their limited budgets and the favourable prices. These machines may cause problems during production as they could stop more frequently. Such machine manufacturers might lack adequacy of customer services or encountered problems may not be covered by their warranty. There also will be quality compromises of the products produced. Since all these problems will be reflected to the buyer as varying costs over time, the total amount to be paid will end up higher than the amount to be paid to a used food production line.

For these reasons, it will always be a more advantageous and low-cost choice to choose from used beverage machines that are well renewed and maintained.

hbTECH operates as a reliable link with its expertise between businesses that want to make room in production facilities to invest in new technologies, organizations that must sell their machines for different reasons, and businesses that want to buy these used beverage machines.

We buy, renew and prepare used beverage machines for our worldwide partners in the best working conditions.
Not only do we offer used beverage machines as a single units; we also purchase and offer production lines and facilities as a whole for still beverages, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, water and alike.


Advantages of used beverage machines and plants


Used machines should not be considered for budget and saving purposes only.  There are other advantages that used machines also offer.

Time: Used machines are almost instantly available. Machine manufacturers provide very long delivery terms since they produce beverage machines on demand. Delays in the delivery of such machines mean lost revenue since the buyer cannot produce during this time. Used machines on the other hand are almost immediately available for use. During the production of the initial user most complications and problems are usually experienced and solved. This is another advantage that used beverage machines have to offer. Easy solutions to problems that may occur during production.
Purchasing: Easy and flexible. Used beverage machines offer you the opportunity to see and evaluate the machines during production and therefore offer real experiences, rather than exhibited machines which have not been used yet.

Budget: It is important to plan your budget, when you are working with one. You can share your budget into several projects invest in lower cost used beverage machines, or you can purchase multiple machines for the cost of one with the same budget.

Maintenance: Since these beverage machines are used before, it is easier to find someone to consult about maintenance and repair. In addition, investing in properly maintained second-hand machinery will be a significant savings option for your company, without sacrificing quality.

As hbTECH, we specialize in evaluating the state of the machines we buy from globally renowned soft drink and beverage manufacturers, and in offering you the best food machines with the most favourable conditions.
Our main priority is that the machines and beverage production facilities that we have supplied to various parts of the World, are established by professional employees and, are still in operation and gladly used by manufacturers.



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