Technical Data and Specifications

This line has been filling still and carbonated water and soft drinks into PET bottles. The line was installed in 2005 and has been out of operation for one year. The equipment is in good condition and is a complete line from blow molding to palletizing, except for the pasteurizer which the owner has reserved for himself. The mixer includes a Velcorin dosation, and the filler features a liquid nitrogen injection. The line is currently installed and can be dry tested for demonstration.

Main characteristics:
Bottle sizes: 0,5 l, 1,5 l and 2,0 liter PET
Capacity: 20. 000 bph in 0.5 ltr
Cap type: 28 mm, plastic screw
Neck format: PCO 1810, long neck
Secondary packing: 6 pack, shrink film
Year of installation: 2005

Blow molder:
Manufacturer: SIDEL
Type: SBO 12, FOUR
Year: 2002
Number of moulds: 12
Cap thread: 28 mm, plastic screw
Preform feeding: SIDEL, year 2001
Container tipper: SAMETO Techni Fil
Chiller: SOGEQUIP P620, year 2004
Control PLC: Siemens S7

Water distribution system:
Manufacturer: Moravek CFT
Year: 2004
Capacity: 40 000 ltr/h

Manufacturer: Moravek CFT
Type: C280
Year: 2010
Capacity: 28 000 ltr/h
Pressure: -1 / 3 bar (PS), 11.44 bar (PT)
Control PLC: Allan Bradley

Manufacturer: Moravek CFT
Type: Mixer 360 CE/J
Year: 2004
Capacity: 40 000 ltr/h
Electricity: 51 kW, 100 A, 50 Hz
Pressure: -1 / 3 bar (PS)
Velcorin dosation: DMT
Control PLC: Allan Bradley

Manufacturer: SIDEL
Type: RV-P70-90-10K AOK
Year: 2004
Container sizes: 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0 liter
Capacity: 15 000 bph in 1.5 ltr
Pitch: 110 mm
Filling method: Volumetric
Filling temperature: 15 °C
Number of filling valves: 90
Number of rising positions: 70
Number of capping heads: 10
Capper: AROL
Cap type: 28 mm, screw cap
Control PLC: Siemens S7
Liquid nitrogen doser: Messer LINJET200

Manufacturer: Krones AG
Type: Contiroll 720-12
Year: 2004
Number of stations: 1 station, double roll
Gluing system: Hot melt
Label: OPP, wrap-around
Control PLC: Siemens S7

Secondary packer:
Manufacturer: SIDEL
Pack type: Shrink wrap, no tray
Year: 2004
Control PLC: Siemens S7

Handle applicator:
Manufacturer: SIDEL
Year: 2004

Manufacturer: I.H.S.
Year: 2004
Pallets: Standard Euro-pallet
Capacity: 3800 packs/h
Control PLC: Siemens S7
Pallet marking: Erpin CZ
Including: Pallet magazine, layer dividing carton

Pallet wrapper:
Manufacturer: PM Progometal
Type: OBS Rotomatic
Year: 2004
Capacity: 30 pallets/h
Control PLC: Siemens S7

Air conveyor: SIDEL, 60 – 70 m, automatic pneumatic adjustment
Bottle conveyor: 7 m, accumulation table
Pack conveyor: approx. 15 m
Pallet conveyor: approx. 5 m

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