Technical Data and Specifications

This line is an automatic filling line for glass bottles for still and carbonated products. 
It is a hot and cold fill line and therefore can also produce hot filled tomato juice. Milk production is theoretically also possible, but adjustments might be necessary. Capping possibilities are aluminum, crown cork and twist off caps.
All machines in line have been overhauled in 2016.
All controllers are Siemens S7.


Pack conveyor (empty) Paxona
Pack conveyor (full) Meypack
Unpacker KHS Consul A6
Container transport Paxona
Foreign bottle detection Bbull/Centro Format 3000
Decapper KHS Innopak
Crate washer Klotzki
Capacity: 3.600 C/h
Bottle washer Krones KDF-4,5 356/29-110
Capacity: 13.000 – 40.000 bph
Rinser VT Zürich A-3-V-W
Capacity: 45.000 bph
Filler KHS Rola-Tronic H1/100/15/15/SVKK
Capacity: 200 ml        30.000 bph
  250 ml        30.000 bph
  750 ml        20.000 bph
  1000 ml    20.000 bph
Flash pasteurizer+Degaser+Rework+CIP SPX
Capacity: 20.000 litres / hour
Carbonation SPX Centec
Fill level control Heuft Spectrum TX
Tunnel pasteurizer+cooler+cooling tower SMB KHS
Packer KHS Consul E6
Wrap Around-Packer * 3 Meypack PTF 28
Shrink Packer * 3 Meypack RA 650.24

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