Technical Data and Specifications

Manufacturer: Mainly KRONES and KHS
Capacity: 24.000bph by 330ml
          24.000bph by 500ml
          18.000bph by 1000ml
          12.000bph by 1500ml
Year of manufacturing: 2013 from the KRONES Aseptic Bloc (other machines see description)
Products: Fruit juice, Ice-Tea, Nectars, etc. (also with pulp and fibers possible)
Filling temperature: 3 - 25degrees
Capping: 38mm plastic widemouth screw-closure
Packaging: 3x2 PET bottles into foil by 1000ml and 1500ml bottles
The Line is still running and can be inspected during production

The Line is mainly consisting of:

1. KRONES Aseptic Bloc machine 16/44/22
with 16 blowing stations, 44 filling valves and 22 head closure

Type: Contiform Aseptic bloc
Year of manufacturing: 2013
The sterilazation of the preforms will be done by "dry-aseptic" with hydrogen peroxide (complete preform feeding system is included)
By changing the bottle size there is no need to change format-parts in the filler!
Complete Cap-feeding and Cap sterilazation system
incl. complete product treatment system KRONES VarioAsept with degasing tank, aseptic tank, pasteurizer, piping, etc.

2. KRONES Checkmat Fill height controll unit

3. Labelling machine KRONES Contiroll
Year of manufacturing: 2012
to lable PET bottles bwith OPP-lables from the roll by hot glue

4. Foil shrinking machine KHS Kisters
incl. heating tunnel

Type: Innopak CSM
Year of manufacturing: 2004

5. Handle applicator KHS
Type: Innopak

6. Complete bottle and pack conveyor system
incl. lubrication system

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