Technical Data and Specifications


This line is an automatic filling line designed for aseptic filling of products like fruit drinks teas and other non-carbonated beverages in to 500 ml, 1000 ml and 1500 ml PET bottles at a temperature of 18° - 24° Celsius. The bottles are packaged in sixpacks with handles for distribution. This line capacity is 30.000 bottles/hour for 500 ml, 24.000 bottles/hour for 1000 ml and 18.500 bottles/hour for 1500 ml.


Production:                        Fruit juices and tea
Filling method:                   Aseptic, volumetric
Filling temperature:           18-24°C  
Container size:                  500 ml, 1000 ml and 1500 ml
Product container:             PET bottles
Max capacity:                    500 ml         30.000 bottles/hour
                                          1000 ml    24.000 bottles/hour
                                          1500 ml    18.500 bottles/hour
Bottle top                           Standard 28 mm, Fab. Mouldtec, Fab. Weener
Product                              only still
Type of Sterilization           Aseptic sterilization by PES
                                          Sterilization rate inside bottle and cap:        Log5
                                          Sterilization rate outside bottle:            Log3

Pet blowing machine        
Contiform Serie III                K442-009

Aseptic filling block
Manufacturer:                     Krones
Sterilisator Steriljet 1.440-44-103            K564-148
Rinser Variojet 2.160-66-103            K563-C15
Filler 1.800-55-103                K123-958
Capper 720-22-103
Ventilation engineering isolator aseptic        K204-133                


Sterile water treatment
AQUA ASEPT                    KB70-142

Bottle coding
Matrix Laser DDC3                K820-S11

Fill level sensor
Checkmat FM-X+L                K731-L77

PCS                        K766-225

Product treatment
Flash (plate), sterile tank, rework container    KB72-048

Cleaning system
CIP-System                    KB80-368

Condensate lifting system            K821-806

Plant visualization                K591-142

Network engineering                K597-974

Date capture
LDS                        K596-457

Labeling machine                K810-612

Packing machine                    KR96-133

Handle applicator by Twin Pack            102129186

Palletizer Krones Robobox                    

Processing machine                K563-C15            

Bottle transport
SYNCO                        K995-RDK

USV-Unit                    K919-DX9
Electro-Energy distributor  K919-DXA

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