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Brewery 20 HL with Bottling Line - year 2017

This brewery is located Baltikum and it has been operated one year. Due to very limited tank capacity, the owner has brewed 1-2 brews on one day and maybe 1 or 2 next day but then there has been one month break in brewing. His beer is VERY good - we tasted beer from his first brew in 2017, and still tasty and good - without filtration or pasteurization! The owner is dedicated brewer - and spend plenty of time in Germany's famous beer centers. Attached a set of pictures we shot last week of this equipment.

Brewery 20 HL with Bottling Line - year 2017

Complete stainless steel tree unit craft brew line made in year 2017 by HG Machinery and still brewing. Effective brew size is 20 hl, vessels are steam heated, malt and hobs feed manual, process control semiautomatic. All vessels has CIP equipment. Mash tun has manually operated malt in-feed hopper and spend grain discharge system. Kettel is designed to work as whirlpool as well. Fermenting cellar has 6 x 20 HL and 3 x 10 HL Unitanks. All tanks are CCT type glycol cooled pressure vessels with cooled cone and inbuilt CIP equipment.

Glass bottle filling line is a semiautomatic line where empty clean bottles are manually placed on rotating bottle feeding table. The line consists of filler block with 5 position rinser (tap water), over pressure filler with 6 filling heads, level controlled by filling tube and one head capper for crown cork. The line has roll fed labeler which places one adhesive label around bottle body. Bottles are packed manually in to desired delivery packages. Equipment is made by HG Machinery in year 2017

Main equipment

• Mash tun 1960 x 2250 mm

• Lauter tank filter 2160 x 3350 mm

• Kettle - whirlpool 1960 x 3350 mm

• Hot water tank 4000 liters

• Ice water tank 4000 liters

• 6 x 20 HL Unitanks

• 3 x 10 HL Unitanks

• Chiller, cooling capacity 28.4 kW

• Filling line with automatic filling block (5-6-1)

• Mobile CIP station

• Air compressor


• Malt mill German Summer, capacity 600 kg/h

• Natural gas fired steam boiler, German Wima, capacity 250 kg/h

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