Technische Daten und Spezifikationen

Line characteristics

  • The line nominal capacity is 36 000 cph
  • Cans type for sizes 237 ml and 330 ml is 202 Sleek and for 250 ml it is 200 Slim
  • Line was rebuilt in 2007 with most machines new from SIDEL / SIG Simonazzi, including new filler and seamer for 250 ml slim cans with body diameter of 53.3 mm and can height 134 mm.
  • Line is still installed but not powered any more
  • All PLC program backups exist and documentation is in English  

List of main equipment
Depalletizer Simonazzi Sweep-off IBA117, capacity 36 000 cph, mfg year 1994
Machine is mechanically in good stand but it is missing Simatic S7 PLC and touch screen. PLC program digital copy is available

Rope Conveyer Sasib Beverage, year 1994, capacity 50 000 cph, mfg year 1994
Very good working and maintenance free rope conveyor where transported cans are standing on gliding plastic rope

Mixer Sarcmi DPRF, F7516, year 1994, capacity 150 hl/h, with two piston type mechanical dozing pumps, Siemens S5 control

Rinser for 250 ml Slim cans made by Simonazzi in year 2006, excellent condition machine

Filler SIDEL / SIG Simonazzi Starcans 2000, type 54P, 102.8 for 250 ml SLIM cans, can type 200 Slim, capacity 36 000 cph, mfg year 2007. Very good condition filler with 54 pressure filling valves, pitch 102,8 mm. This filler has a patented filling system which is based on combined action of filling valve and can lift which leads to high precision level in can obtained without level tubes. Control PLC is Siemens Simatic S7-300

Fume evacuation fan system for Starcans 2000 can filler for removing energy drink fumes from the packaging area

Can seamer Ferrum F706G, for 250 ml slim cans with six seaming heads for lid type 200, manufacturing year 2007. Excellent condition

Rinser for 330ml and 237ml cans made by SARCMI, manufacturing year 1994

Filler SARCMI New Canfill N50 – 6 RN for 237ml and 330 ml Sleek cans, can type 202, capacity 36 000 cph, manufactured in year 1994. Can height adjustment is made with placing different thickness adjustment plates under the can seats on rotating filling table. Anton Paar indicator display is missing. The main bearing of rotating filling table was replaced just before closing the operation. Machine looks good and well maintained.

Can seamer Comaco AMG/6 RN for 237ml and 330 ml sleek cans type 202, manufacturing year 1994. The seamer has 6 seaming heads and it looks good and well maintained.

Filling inspector Stratec CL-X 4708, X-Ray, manufacturing year 2006

Belt Conveyer Sasib Beverage TSA03, year 1997. Belt has automatic lubrication system and seems to be good condition and well maintained

Twister Ribaltino Nimax , one for every size 0.25, 0.33, 0.237, year 2007

Can blower-dryer SIG Simonazzi XL46000733, manufacturing year 2007

Can filling inspector Bull Stratec Compact line, year of manufacturing 2007

Printer Videojet Excel 1701 UHS, year 2006

Tunnel Heater Sasib Simonazzi  CW 25/40, PAC017, manufacturing year 1994. Compact one level hot water can heater with conventional relay control.

Heuft Spectum VOC can filling inspector without x-ray sensor

Can blower-dryer SIG Simonazzi XL, manufacturing year 2007

Tray Shrink Packer SMI SK600T (Trays-24 cans; for 0,25 – 12 cans), with two roll film feeding and automatic change over, manufacturing year 2002

Printer  VideoJet XL 170i UHS

Printer Willit 3150 Si, year 2006

Palletizer SIDEL Simonazzi Kombi, IBP0713, manufacturing year 2007, Control PLC is Siemens Simatic S7. Equipment looks to be in very good working order and well maintained  

Pallet wrapper Robopac HELIX HS 30, manufacturing year 2007. Control PLC is Siemens Simatic S7. Equipment looks to be in good condition and well maintained.

Manual pallet wrapper made by Sunpack



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