Technical Data and Specifications

Technical Data and Specifications

Mag Schymanski bottle washing machine typ Sirio 7-10


Capacity:3600-8000 bph

Machine design: stainless steel

Working method: Continuous

Max. bottle diameter: 75 mm

Max.bottle height: 290 mm

Bottles in machine: 1,720 pieces

Bottle cell carrier: 172 pieces

Cell pitch: 95 mm

Chain pitch: 140 mm

Power consumption: 12.33 kw

Fresh water conn.: 2,300 liters per hour at 1.5 bar

Heat requirement: hourly output x 14.01 = requirement Kcl.

Empty weight : 12,000 kg

Full weight : 19,000 kg

Length: 7000mm

Width: 2095mm

Height: 3000mm

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