Technical Data and Specifications

This three-stage intercooled high pressure compressor was manufactured in 2005 and stopped operating in the year 2014. It was professionally dismantled and packed for shipping. This compressor is very slow speed and it has only two cross-head assemblies, two connecting rods and associated bearings. There is no piston rod packing on the 3rd stage, which eliminates sealing against 40 bar pressure. Single acting 2nd and 3rd stage, require few valves. Smaller 2nd and 3rd stages are in horizontal position to optimize the piston ring life. The delivery includes air-cooled stainless steel 40 bar air dryer with integrated 1 micron filter, dew point alarm, Bekomat drain system, vertical hot-dip galvanized 40 bar air receiver and control cabinet with AF PC control system.


Brand: Atelier Francois, Belgium 
Type: Air Compressor 40 bar Atelier Francois CE68A, FAD 35 m3/min
Manufactured in: 2005 
Operating hours: approx. 30 000 
Condition: Used, dismantled and packed for transportation 
Free Air Delivery: 35 m3/min at 40 bar 
Compressor speed: 480 rpm 
Electric motor: 355 kW 
Air Dryer: Hankinson HPET 10A5 (R404a) 
Air bottle: Galvanized Fe 3 m3

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